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Shuttered Berkeley Steel Foundry's Toxic Footprint Poses Risk for Workers
--CBS SF Bay Area, 1 August 2019
Michael Hudson: Why We Need To Abolish The DNC, Even If That Means Breaking Up The Democratic Party
--ZeroHedge, 12 September 2019
I'm a Feminist Who Was Purged by the Trans Left
Because I don't believe children should be medically malformed and that gender is just a costume and "a feeling."
By Libby Emmons
--The American Conservative, 12 September 2019
California moves to protect tenants by limiting rent increases and evictions
Assembly Bill 1482 would limit how much landlords can annually raise rent to 5 percent plus inflation. The measure would also restrict evictions to a 'just cause' reason, meaning unless a renter has violated the terms of the lease, he or she cannot be thrown out.
--Sacramento Bee, 11 September 2019
AB-1482 Tenant Protection Act of 2019: tenancy: rent caps
--California Legislative Information, 5 September 2019
More Americans Questioning Official 9/11 Story As New Evidence Contradicts Official Narrative
By Whitney Webb
--MintPress News, 11 September 2019

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