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California School Walkout: Thousands of Parents, Students, Teachers Protest Newsom's School Mandates
--California Globe, 18 October 2021
The Second American War of Independence Has Begun
By Bill Sardi
--Lew Rockwell, 18 October 2021
Massive Statewide School Vaccine Walkout Protest Planned Monday October 18th
Most see this as violating wheir personal liberties, they don't think the vaccines work, or they're against them for health reasons
By Evan Symon
--California Globe, 16 October 2021
Why are we vaccinating children against COVID-19?
By Ronald N Kostoff, Daniela Calina, Darja Kanduc, Michael B Briggs, Panayiotis Vlachoyiannopoulos, Andrey A Svistunov, Aristidis Tsatsakis
--NIH: National Library of Medicine, 14 September 2021
Whistleblower - 90% of hospital admissions are Vaccinated...
By Kane
Aaron Siri at
--Citizen Free Press, 18 October 2021
Instead Of Kryptonite, New LGBTQ+ Superman Will Be Crippled By Anyone Using Wrong Pronouns
--The Babylon Bee, 16 October 2021
'This is totalitarianism': Doctor ejected from his US hospital for not being jabbed vows to keep fighting for medical freedom
By Chris Sweeney
--RT, 17 October 2021
Nuking an incoming asteroid COULD actually work: Detonating a one MEGATONNE nuclear bomb would stop 99% of a small space rock hitting Earth if it appeared out of the blue, study suggests
By Ryan Morrison
--Daily Mail, 16 October 2021
Instagram censors evolutionary biologist for posting a chart from transgender study by prominent science journal that showed biological men are stronger than biological women in a range of Olympic sports
By Adriana Diaz
--Daily Mail, 13 October 2021
Rand Paul... They can't arrest all of us...
--Citizen Free Press, 14 October 2021
POWERFUL Message From Rand Paul: "It Is Time for Us to Resist" (video 3:37)
Joe Pags
--Rumble, 9 August 2021
Live Free Or Die: Why Medical Autonomy Matters
By Tyler Durden
Authored by Frank Miele at
--ZeroHedge, 11 October 2021
NBA Player Got Blood Clots From COVID Vaccine that Ends His Season - NBA Told Him to Keep It Quiet (video 3:48)
Alex Lyndhurst Free Suge at Youtube
By Jim Hoft
--Gateway Pundit, 14 October 2021

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