SORT - sort selected lines in a file

SORT target [[sort field 1] [...] [sort field 1000]]

The SORT command sorts a portion of a file based on the sort field specifications.

A sort field specification consists of:

order flag - [Ascending|Descending]
left column - left column of field to sort on
right column - right column of field to sort on

If the 'order flag' is omitted for a sort field , the 'order flag' for the previous sort field is used. If no 'order flag' is specified, all sort fields are sorted in acending order. Therefore SORT * D 1 1 2 2 A 3 3 4 4 is the same as SORT * D 1 1 D 2 2 A 3 3 A 4 4

The right column MUST be >= left column.

1000 sort fields are allowed.

target can be any valid target including ALL, *, -*, and BLOCK.

XEDIT: XEDIT only allows ordering flag for all fields
KEDIT: Compatible.


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