GET - insert into file the contents of specified file

GET [filename] [fromline] [numlines]


The GET command reads a file into the current file, inserting lines after the current line.

When no filename is supplied the temporary file generated by the last PUT or PUTD command is used.

When fromline is specified, reading of the file begins at the line number specified. If fromline is not specifed, reading begins at line 1.

When numlines is specified, reading of the file ends when the specified number of lines has been read. If numlines is not specified, or numlines is specified as '*' , all files from the fromline to the end of file are read.

The second form implements interaction with the system clipboard. The optional parameter indicates how the contents of the clipboard is to be inserted into the file. If not supplied the contents of the clipboard is treated as a LINE block. This option only available for X11, OS/2 and Win32 ports of THE. (Incomplete)

XEDIT: Compatible.
CLIP: option extra.
KEDIT: Compatible.
CLIP: option extra.

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