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Yet More Green Zone Hacking

Sunday, June 01, 2008   02:30:00 PM PDT

The problem mentioned in my Wednesday/Thursday blog is getting worse.

When I do this Google search for the hackers script insertion, I now find over 280,000 hits whereas on Thursday I was finding only around 210,000.

Clearly this problem is growing.
As a precaution, I recommended several things in my last blog.

Using an Apple computer is not a bad idea either, but there is really no inherent safety in using Linux or an Apple computer except that the hackers go for Windows machines because they are the most popular.

The root cause of these kinds of problems is that we allow almost any web site to run code on our home machines.
In a professional business computing environment this should never be allowed.

But somehow it has become "acceptable" for home users. So the safest thing for home users is to never do "business" on their home computers. Never do online banking or commerce.

The Internet never was designed for business/security and it's best uses are probably educational, entertainment and socializing.
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